First Post

I think first posts are always destined to be kinda shitty. You start a new blog or diary or whatever with great ambition. If it’s an online one, you take the time to make sure it looks exactly how you want it. If it’s a physical one, you peel off the plastic and labels, then write your personal info on the inside cover. Then what?

A blank page is intimidating to a lot of people, myself included. One thing that has been helping me with that is that I recently took up bullet journaling. The specific type of ‘bujoing’ I do is the more-aesthetic-than-useful sort where I plaster stickers and washi tape all over it in my half-ass attempt to be artistic. Useful or not, it has built my confidence in putting pen to paper at least.

I was one of those teenagers/twenty-somethings that had a LiveJournal. I posted regularly about my life, as well as making posts of personality quizzes and such nonsense. While I no longer enjoy LiveJournal and have not posted there in years, I do miss having a daily journal of some sort. I despise having a handwritten one, however, because I think faster than I can write. Drawing out planners and spreads is one thing, but getting my thoughts out of my brain is another. I type at about the same pace that I think so I’ve decided to give this a go.

Hm, I guess this wasn’t such a terrible first post after all.


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