Work, work

Today I worked outside since it was the last warm day of the season for the unforeseeable future. It was a comfortable 70 degrees with a slight chill to the breeze. It was toasty warm in the sun because there were barely any clouds. So we raked leaves, bagged them up for disposal, and covered the vents around the house foundation. I also did a load of laundry and worked some more on my blanket. That’s coming along quite nicely.

Tomorrow, Jason and I are going to the wake for Ron’s mother who died last week. I still find it odd that we’re invited since we’re only friends and I would not honestly count Ron as my friend. He’s Jason’s friend. On the other hand, I think Jason might be Ron’s closest friends, maybe even his best friend, and when Jason’s father died I brought Annie along with me. While she was was certainly Jason’s friend, she had never met any of his family members. So I suppose it makes sense that Ron would extend the invitation to me as well as I am the spouse.

Note To Self: Make macaroni salad for the wake.

I’m glad that Jemma is going to a craft fair tomorrow with their brother, as I hate leaving them alone for too long. I was busy most of the day today and then went to bed early, plus yesterday I was needing a “me day” to recuperate from simply existing, haha. Plus, it’s the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm free weekend, so Jason, Jemma, and I shall be playing. Hopefully, I can get in a nap between now and noon so I’ll be refreshed for all this.


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