Calm Mornings

Oh, how I adore mornings like this.

Though, it didn’t start out quite ideal. I woke at 8am after sleeping for 11 hours and, of course, I felt foggy and sore. Made my way to the bathroom, passed the mirror, and realized I had slept in a full face of makeup. And not just any makeup, but heavy, multi-layered, going-for-glam makeup. So while my selfies yesterday were amazing, my face this morning looked like someone had smeared makeup on my skin with a shovel and my raccoon eyes were not even remotely sexy. I cleaned up most of the eye makeup and part of the rest with a couple baby wipes. Good enough.

Back in bed, I curled up with my tablet and went through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Then I played some games that needed my attention to progress. Around 10am I started to feel hungry. I realized I also felt a bit better, more awake and perky. So breakfast is toast with butter and apricot preserves along with a hot cup of Earl Grey.

While, sadly, my toast has already gone cold, I feel content. The house is silent as I’m the only one awake. My tea is delicious. My feet are toasty in my fuzzy socks and slippers. The apricot and butter is the perfect combo of sweet, salt, and citrus. Even with the slight wintery chill in the house, this is a perfect morning. I shall not waste it with work or busy thoughts, but savor it with slow bites, small sips, and quiet reflection.

At least until my spouse goes farting and snorting through the house on his way to his morning piss.


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