Four months later…

And here we are. It’s now April and I have not written a journal entry in all this time. What a shame. It’s never too late to get back into a new, good habit, however!

Last I wrote here, I was developing a cold. It was much worse than anticipated and kept myself as well as my mother and husband ill throughout Christmas. Thankfully, we were well enough by New Year’s Eve that we could travel to Grand Rapids to visit family. It was a delightful way to ring in 2017.

At the beginning of the year, I chose a word that would be the “theme” for my year. That word was “discipline.” I wished to induce in myself a new level of discipline so that I would accomplish more and not be such a terrible procrastinator. It has, in honesty, not worked very well. However, I find that there is another word that keeps returning to me: Perspective. I have already learned many life lessons this year and I feel that I am seeing things from a different point of view. Where I would once see things from merely “my side,” I’ve been having eye-opening instances of seeing things from “their side.” While I’m not one to leave everything up to fate, I do believe that sometimes the world gives you signs that would be wise for you to heed. The word of 2017 is now perspective.

All in all, this year has not been nearly as dreadful as 2016–at least not yet. We’ve had only one tremendously terrible time thus far, which was when my husband got the worst ear infections I believe I’ve ever seen. He had inner and outer infections in both ears! We have no idea how it happened, but I have never heard him scream like that in our lives together and I have known him for nearly twenty years. Thankfully, all is well now and his hearing was left undamaged. Those were an awful two weeks, however.

Ah well, anyway. Hopefully, I shall get back into this. I shan’t be holding my breath, though!


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